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Mr Francois Nazarian

Francois Nazarian as he is known to us, been Active with Advocacy for Israel much of his adult life.

During early 1970’s he left Canada to move to Israel, and in early 2000, he joined Hasbara Organization headed by Avi Shekroun, as the North American Director of the “” & “”

Mr Avy Abraam . S

Before deciding to transform the Hasbara site to more attractive & informative with help of friend and colleague, the previously head of the; Avi Shekroun which is currently responsible for all the preparation & the Technology of our site.

Along his full time schedule, he has been following the middle east news & developments regarding Israel & the Palestinian/Arab/Islamic world, and researching what is the truth in contrast to the biased fake news disseminated by major news organization and communicate to disclaim their “Fake News” by providing the Truth.

At this time We need serious , Volunteers who Care about the Truth about what is “Truly” Happening, in regards to Israeli, Palestinian & possibility of “TRUE VIABLE PEACE” that’s our motto, And with your help we shall do all that’s necessary to give the true picture & not the fake news – We Are open to hear & respond to your questions too.